Door Key

50th Episode Special

January 18, 2024 April Episode 50
Door Key
50th Episode Special
Show Notes

It's been 50 episodes!

This episode is a celebration - Door Key has released 50 episodes!
I put a call out to listeners to send in a question or comment, and you listeners really came through!
This episode is me reading those questions and comments and answering them!

Thank you so much for listening to Door Key!
Here's to the next 50 episodes!

Here are links to some of the episodes about historical figures and topics that come up in this 50th episode special:
Catherine of Aragon:
Aaron Burr, after Alexander Hamilton:
The Victims of Jack the Ripper, part 1:
The Victims of Jack the Ripper, part 2:
King Tut:
Studio 54:
John Adams:
Juana la Loca:
Mary I:

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